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COMET: An Integrated Data Platform To Help Kids


COMET presentation at Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS)
COMET at Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS)

COMET presentation at Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS)

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How will your club, staff and kids succeed? Use data to create more compelling stories and drive decision-making.

Who We Are - Brett Maddock

Check out our latest COMET Blog Series - Who We Are. Learn more about the people behind the company, working to support our customers and improve outcomes for kids.


Name Brett Maddock - I'm the youngest of 3 "Br" boys - Brad, Bryan and Brett (I think it's important to note that I went from the smallest to the tallest!)

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When managing community data from multiple organizations about children, data privacy concerns are paramount. Here are three ways to think about data sharing to frame your community's plan for using data to support the success of the children you serve.


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