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Collaborative Data Sharing


Real-time data when you need it.


A School-Age Collaborative is a child-centric, multi-organizational, integrated student data system (ISDS) for communities  so that they have consistent and timely information to support student success.
School information systems serve as the foundation for the ISDS collaborative roster; non-school collaborative partner data is joined with school data to form a more complete picture of each student. 
The ISDS securely shares key data among participating organizations, adhering to collaborative legal requirements for data security, data sharing, data privacy, and parent consent.
The ISDS is longitudinal, storing academic, out-of-school time (OST), tutoring, and community data. Ultimately, this allows everyone serving the student to work better together to help each student achieve their personal best.


Features & Benefits

Our School-Age Collaborative Solution enables users to (1) Increase access to student data across the organizations where they attend, allowing teachers and OST professionals to have real-time information to adjust their approach to each student. (2) Improve the flow of information among educators, parents, providers, and policymakers, allowing the community to have a better understanding of what's being done and what's working, and what may need to be changed. (3) Creating and supporting an environment of continuous improvement, allowing the community to analyze and leverage comprehensive data revealing emerging trends supporting preventative and corrective action. (4) Supporting flexible analysis and data driven decision-making, creating an integrated system allowing for process changes that reduce waste and duplicative data-gathering efforts.


Visualization & Reporting

The Community Reporter lets the user create reports allowing for customized dashboards with only the information they need and are allowed to see.

Features include: graphic visualization, identified and/or deidentified (based on consent), flexibility to create and aggregate groups, export filtered data, and leverage geocoded address data to understand regional trends… and more.


Defined Data Sets Include:

Student Demographics  |  Student Assessments  |  *Behavior Data

Visualization & Reporting


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