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Utilize COMET in your school or district for screening, Response to Intervention (RTI) and program evaluation. Tracking these types of "non-routine" data can be a challenge but COMET offers a solution. Performing assessments on the COMET system will help teachers and staff make informed decisions and improve understanding of needs and competencies. With data, you can make a difference, one student at a time.

Schools and districts collect a lot of non-routine data and often have no way to track that valuable information, other than paper. But, paper-based tools have their limits and offer few ways to make that data actionable. The COMET assessment and survey tools are available to help you understand the impact of the programs and services you offer to support students. You can track pre and post scores on program assessments, perform universal screening to identify needs, and more using tools available on COMET, or add new ones. Collect non-routine data with COMET!

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With the support of COMET, one urban school district is able to track and report on lots of non-routine data. Whether it's in-school programs or from community partnerships, they collect data across schools and programs, even from community-based organizations, to support student success. Working with our partner, Children's Institute, this data is evaluated as part of a continuous improvement model and today they boast one of the highest ranked Pre-K programs in the country.

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