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Childcare & Youth Organizations

A lot of responsibilities come with caring for the children of others, whether you are a club, early childhood, out-of-school time (OST) or other type of organization.

Children's Institute Programs

Are you a Primary Project site? COMET is available to help you screen and evaluate the progress of your program in an efficient way by using an electronic system, not paper.

Communities & Counties

The needs of a community are unique and require a custom system. COMET offers a solution which is flexible and focused around your community's goals and indicators.

Funding Agencies & Foundations

Looking to be more involved with the data collection & reporting done by your grantees? COMET offers a way to standardize and consolidate data from multiple sources.

Health & Human Services

The health & human services sector helps people to live healthy, full lives. Use COMET to support high quality services, track progress, report on activities to regulatory agencies.

Schools & Districts

Use COMET in your school(s) for screening, response to intervention (RtI) & program evaluation. Tracking of "non-routine" data can be a challenge; COMET is the solution.