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Learn more about the people behind the company, working to support our customers and improve outcomes for kids.

Name  Teale Fox – pronounced “Teal” (like the color). As a kid I hated my name and certainly got teased (I’ve been called ‘magenta’ and ‘turquoise’ more times than I could remember) but as I got older I started liking that my name was so unique. Now, whenever I meet people they always say, ‘Wow. Teale Fox is such a cool name!’ which I enjoy.

Title  Marketing Manager – I create content for our marketing activities, ie, all those emails you receive are written by yours truly.

Background  Our company is based in Rochester, NY where I was born and raised. I went to all local schools, including University of Rochester for my MBA. Prior to COMET all of my work experience was in the not-for-profit sector so I’ve always liked how this company has such a strong tie to not-for-profits, between our customers and our partners.

Why COMET?  Even though we’re a for-profit company, COMET is very much mission-driven. Supporting the success of children is really at the core of everything we do. It’s exciting to think about the opportunities that technology can bring to not-for-profit organizations in order to help them improve outcomes for kids.

Favorites  Is it lame that my first response would be my kids?? They’re super cute, even when they drive me crazy or keep me up all night. I’m also a coffee addict but not in a snobby way. I don’t care if it’s a super fancy $8 cup of coffee or a fifty cent cup from the gas station, I’ll drink either one happily.

What’s Next?  New and exciting content! For 2018 Diane Trentini and I and the whole COMET team are hoping to have time to create some cool original content – blog posts, data guides, videos, webinar trainings, social media, etc. Lots of new materials to support our customers and engage the community of people looking to use data to do good.

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