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Learn more about the people behind the company, working to support our customers and improve outcomes for kids.

Name  Geri Cone. Geri is short for Geralyn. My parents waited 13 years for me even though I’m usually quite punctual! St. Gerard is the Patron Saint of Motherhood – that is who I am named for. 

Title  Senior Health Project Coordinator and Account Manager. That’s quite a mouthful. I work for both Children’s Institute and COMET. I have many years of experience working with data collection, instrument development and customer support.

Background  My husband and I have lived in Victor, NY for the past 12 years. Before that, I lived in West Irondequoit, NY – spent my childhood and raised two sons there. I have a degree in Early American Art - with a minor in mathematics! 

Why COMET?  Because COMET really cares about its customers. It was developed for those who work with children as a tool to collect and share meaningful data and to help ensure the success of the children they support. 

Favorites  My sons of course, along with my family and friends! But, there’s many more, too many to list. So, I’ll just say: antiques, food, beer, and hiking. I have one son that goes antiquing with me, and the other goes hiking with me. They both will come with me to craft breweries!    

What’s Next?  To continue to support those who use COMET by enhancing COMET’s features and functioning. We want COMET to be a powerful, yet accessible tool for you to use in your effort to support children!


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