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Learn more about the people behind the company, working to support our customers and improve outcomes for kids.

Name  Diane Trentini - Although my maiden name is "Elmer", I took my husband's name of Trentini, from the Trentino region of Italy.  (It is of note that women in Trentino do not take their husbands’ name when they marry, but retain their fathers’ surnames throughout their lives - my 3 daughters might be interested to know this.)

Title  VP Marketing and Sales - I lead the efforts to communicate what COMET does and how it can help our customers. I also help lead the strategy of the company and the product, and enjoy building relationships with people and organizations with similar missions. If COMET is a good fit, I help customers buy and plan the implementation of the system for their organization. And celebrate the difference it makes for them and the children they work with!

Background  I grew up on a farm - big barn, garden, chickens, horses - you get the picture.  My dad and mom were educators - always advocating for children.  Dad was a special education teacher, a principal, director of elementary education and started a Family Learning Center in Rochester, NY.  And both my sisters are educators - one is a kindergarten teacher and the other is a Vice Principal for a high school in Ottawa, Canada. However, my brother and I are techies (geeks actually). I have a B.A. in Computer Science and Mathematics, and my career has been focused on software development and engineering.  Although communication has always been a strength, and I have had the opportunities to perform in a variety of roles: engineering, testing/quality, training, documentation, sales, marketing and management. This varied experience provided a great foundation, and led me to joining COMET - coming back to the "family business" of advocating for children.

Why COMET?  I get to work with really fine people that are trying to make a difference for kids, and help them with using technology and data to support their mission. It's both challenging and inspiring!

Favorites  I am a Mom, Spouse, Reader, Yogi, Hiker, Baker, Gardener and life-long learner. I also like wordplay and puns. Just ask everyone around me.

What’s Next?  My goal this year is to work with our team to continually improve the experience and results that people have when using the COMET system. I'm also very happy to have the opportunity to work on the local team developing the Training and Coaching Center for Healthy Futures - a partnership of 13 community organizations, led by Children’s Institute, that aims to address the inadequate system of prevention and care that has led to a growing mental health crisis among children and adolescents. The center will include social and emotional learning, physical and mental health, and fitness and nutrition services -  supporting whole child health. 

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