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Name Brandon Wright - unlike others (*cough* Teale) I've never had the luxury of being the only Brandon in any given scenario, at least not until I came to COMET. That's right... it only took about 30 years to become the only Brandon in the building!

Title SENIOR Account Manager (that's right... I'm fancy).

Background I was born and raised in Lyons, New York and attended college at Hobart in Geneva, New York. I've always been intrigued with technology and have been building, repairing and troubleshooting computers since I was about 12 years old. When a lot of my friends, or even our clients say things like, "How'd you know that" or "How'd you figure that out so quickly" my only response is that I've experienced pretty much every issue that you can imagine and with the issues, came the knowledge of how to fix and address it the next time it comes up!

Why COMET? The real question is 'Why Not COMET?' After college I worked in sales for a couple of years and while the job was lucrative, it was not fulfilling. In my eyes, it was nothing more than a job and never something that I saw as a career. It took about two days at COMET before I realized that I wanted to build my career with this company. COMET is a place where your opinion always matters; from the smallest of things, such as wanting a new keyboard, to the big things like making suggestions for enhancements to the product. Your voice is always heard and everyone is always willing to listen.

Favorites As cliche as it may sound, I absolutely love spending time with my wife and daughter, who is now 8 months old. When I'm not spending time with my family, my number one hobby is fly fishing! There's just something about being on a creek in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone reception and the calming noise of the water in the background. I also enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking... pretty much everything to do with the outdoors. 

What’s Next? I think that there's a lot in store with the growth and evolution of COMET. If you look at where the company started to where it's at now, it just goes to show how malleable the tool is. We've got some big things in store for the future and I'm excited to be a part of the team that is going to push COMET to the next level!


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