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After 10 years one of our Founders, Dr. Serge Lossa, has decided that 2018 will be his last year working at COMET. His decision comes after months of considering a succession plan, and on what is best for his future and for COMET's future.

Serge writes, "After over 13 years I have decided that 2018 will mark my transition to retirement. I leave the company and the product in capable hands, and I am anticipating growth and success. In particular, I know that we have exciting development plans that will bring even more value to our customers. As needed, I stand ready to support the management team during the transition period. All the times I was honored to participate in a new child-centric effort to make a difference, improve outcomes, scale what has been shown to work and meet an urgent community need, I have connected with smart, hard-working and caring individuals who have shaped and continue to enrich my life. For this, I am most grateful."

The COMET team is excited and remains positioned well to serve our customers and to take the product further. Serge has reflected on his experience with satisfaction and pride. What began as a SophiTEC project with Dirk Hightower from Children's Institute, where he could use his engineering skills and entrepreneurial spirit to help kids, grew into a team, a product - and in 2008 a second company for him to lead. Anyone who knows Serge knows that his definition of retirement is different from most. He is continuing with his vigorous lifestyle, and remaining an active part of his company SophiTEC. Keep looking for him in the mountains!

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