The Sweetness of Summer

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With summer coming into full swing, it’s time for students to find new activities to fill up their time.

Here at COMET, where the success of children is the center of our mission, the summer is no exception. Lots of programs work to prevent summer learning loss and keep students growing year round and use our software to support their work.  And summer can be such a special time - instead of the full demands of the school year schedule, children and youth can strengthen a particular asset or passion, or use the time to develop a new set of skills.

SummerLEAP is one example, with a focus on closing the achievement gap for low-income students, utilizing not just academics but also alternatives for enriching a child’s development, such as physical activity. Along with academic summer programs, there are programs that offer a different approach to keeping a child on a healthy path.

Summer camps that focus on physical activity, for example programs at your local YMCA, provide children a place all about fun and recreation. These programs offer a different way of learning life skills such as teamwork and problem-solving. Regular physical activity reduces the feelings of anxiety and depression which in return promotes psychological well-being. Along with these psychological benefits, come the physical benefits of reducing the risk of obesity and chronic diseases, which can hinder greatly a child’s potential for success both in the classroom and later in life.

COMET works with communities to improve opportunities for kids and the overall health of the community. Summer  programs and camps, both day and overnight, provide the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging to a strong community produced by the environment of the camp staff and campers, while gaining physical, social and psychological benefits from regular activity.

Here’s to fun in the sun and hoping you all enjoy a happy, healthy summer!

For more information on the SummerLEAP program, request our case study with them.

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