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As a new year approaches, it's a good time to reflect and plan. We asked COMET staff what they hope to accomplish in 2018. We asked for big, lofty goals, or small things like 'keep my email inbox organized'. Here's what they said:

"I'm planning to gain a deeper understanding of my clients in 2018. I'm looking to reach out to more customers - with the goal of really understanding the specific challenges of the organizations and helping them to use improved data management practices to help meet these challenges." – Brandon, Customer Support Specialist

“Continue to motivate and build a team that contributes to COMET goals, while ensuring the members of the team are motivated, happy and rewarded. Always being available to the team members to help them meet organizational and personal goals. Foster a culture of team success that supports customers' mission and goals. I will enjoy watching the COMET team and our customers succeed and prosper.”   – Lenny, CEO

“I have a lot of detailed "subgoals" for work in 2018, but overall I hope that this coming year will be one in which our team, our customers and our partners become closer, and through sharing our strengths become even more unified in our efforts. Key to this is continuing with innovations. I have a hunch that as our team works on improvements to our own business processes leveraging our common database management system, it will inspire us in our improvements of the COMET system user experience.” – Diane, VP of Sales and Marketing

“In 2018 I hope to help COMET grow and make our users' experience in our application as enjoyable as possible.” – Jason C, Software Engineer

“I think this is going to be a big year for us and I’m really excited for it. Our customers have always been loyal and generous with feedback and this year we hope to return the favor with some long-requested improvements and enhancements.” – Teale, Marketing Manager

We look forward to another year of supporting our customers and their work to help children succeed. From all of us here at COMET, Happy New Year!


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