Happy Holidays!

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With the holiday season upon us, it’s always fun to reflect on what makes this time of year special. We asked COMET staff what were their favorite holiday traditions growing up, and as an adult what do they look forward to.


“When I was little, it would have to be opening that one present on Christmas Eve... As an adult, it's giving that one present to someone to open on Christmas Eve (That's right, I'm no longer selfish... kind of)” – Brandon, Customer Support Specialist

“Well, as a kid it was the excitement of Christmas morning and the toys that Santa would bring! With the hindsight of many decades there is a clear pattern for me; early it was the excitement of getting gifts, but quickly evolved to the joy of giving gifts. Over the decades, things became less important, while being with friends and family becomes much more important.”  – Lenny, CEO

“Anticipation. A prime example - we used to store our Christmas books and records away in the attic all year. We had to wait until after Thanksgiving dinner to get them down and that was the official start of the Christmas season. We couldn't wait to hear the music and read the stories - Harry Belafonte, "Mary's Boy Child" and Bing Crosby, "White Christmas"; Santa's Toy Shop, Mr. Willoughby's Christmas Tree and The Sweet Smell of Christmas. We had to be patient and wait until the Christmas specials were broadcast on TV - Rudolph and Heat/Snow Miser's shows being eagerly anticipated. 

     We did a very similar thing with our kids - but the treasures were stored in the crawl space in the basement, not the attic. There are even more books, including the ones from my childhood, and there are no records - CDs and DVDs instead! The first thing my girls want to do is watch "White Christmas" with Bing Crosby. Keeping Christmas traditions such as these - and the anticipation of the experience - is still one of my favorite parts of the holidays. For me, the first thing I want to do is enjoy "A Christmas Carol" (in any form), but especially the Alastair Sim's movie version from 1951.” – Diane, VP of Sales and Marketing

“Growing up, every Christmas Eve my parents, sisters, and grandparents would get together and have dinner and then exchange 1 present each - that was something I looked forward to every year. We still do something similar every year and I still look forward to it.” – Jason C, Software Engineer

“I’ve always been a bit of a ‘grinch’, particularly as I got older but I do remember loving to decorate Christmas cut-out cookies and I have a soft spot for the movie White Christmas. Now that I have children of my own (3 years old and 10 months old), this is going to be our first Christmas where the older one ‘gets it’ and I’m looking forward to his excitement and watching them grow and figure out what this Christmas thing is all about.” – Teale, Marketing Manager


We hope this season is full of all your favorite traditions.

From all of us at COMET, Happy Holidays!


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