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Hey COMET customers, this one’s for you. We are in the process of developing a web-based training series set to start in September. Soon you will see an email from us asking for feedback on what topics you’re most interested in, but before we talk about what training is available, let’s talk about why.

Working with a database can be frustrating and we get that. In an effort to provide better support and an improved experience for our customers we want to alleviate some frustration by offering more training opportunities. Each month we’ll publish a schedule of open trainings with dates, times and topics. If one of the trainings is interesting to you, click the link and sign-up. The topics will vary from simple tasks like taking attendance to more complicated functions like transferring data from one program year to the next. Use these trainings as refreshers for yourself, a way to learn new features/functions or give the schedule to new staff and let us train them for you.

Our hope is that you take away more than just how to perform various tasks in COMET, we hope to teach you tips and tricks about the system as well, making your interaction with COMET easier and more valuable.  Trainings will be short and to the point and each one will close with three quick take-aways and an emphasis on reporting, ie, how to use all that valuable data you enter in COMET to support informed decision-making and improve outcomes for kids.

So, keep an eye out for a survey and more announcements, like the first schedule of trainings.


- The COMET Team

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