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COMET security is a critical component of our services – providing continuous system access while protecting customer data. The most stringent technologies, protocols and practices are used in our product development. This blog post focuses on login authentication.

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Stating concern for privacy, schools sometimes will not get involved in data sharing with community organizations or initiatives. Although permissible under federal law, the schools struggle with this change – whether from having an insular culture, resistance to change or a fear of increasing liability. The U.S. Department of Education is now providing guidance for how districts can work within the United States’ student-data-privacy law - the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). They recommend that schools understand that integrated data system implementation is a multistep process. Each of the steps should be justified using the appropriate exception written into FERPA.

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The past few months have been busy for COMET with lots of new faces, new places and new projects. One of the highlights was our presentation to the Adirondack Foundation's Birth to Three (BT3) Alliance at their annual meeting back in May. We gave an overview of our project with Chemung County and Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Developmental Services (CIDS) as they work to create a database of the children in their county beginning as soon as they’re born with a newborn registration completed at the local hospital.


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Hey COMET customers, this one’s for you. We are in the process of developing a web-based training series set to start in September. Soon you will see an email from us asking for feedback on what topics you’re most interested in, but before we talk about what training is available, let’s talk about why.

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We get it. Learning a new database comes with a few challenges and can be intimidating, even overwhelming. For starters, you have  to rethink processes, the way things have always been done. Then you have to sit through multiple hours of training that will still leave you with some questions. We understand this and no one is expected is to leave an initial training being a wiz, but we do expect that you’ll have been provided with enough information to enable you to do the basics and continue to build your knowledge-base.

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