Children's Institute (CI) - Rochester NY

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Children's Institute is our not-for-profit partner.  We work hand-in-hand to support the success of children.

Children's Institute uses COMET to enhance their core competencies of strengthening social and emotional health. With programs and services that are grounded in research, they build bridges between theory and practice, transform ideas into proven solutions and turn obstacles into opportunities for success for children and families.

The reliable, secure COMET system provides the infrastructure that enables their team to deliver services, and facilitates the longer-term achievement of Children Institute’s strategic mission. As the data collection and reporting tool embedded in Children's Institute's services delivery, the COMET system is a critical differentiator in responding to and fulfilling large community projects. It provides operational savings to both Children's Institute and their customers, with faster survey response and rapid expansion of offered services. COMET adds value by providing a growing complement of features to address community needs. There is a growing awareness and advocacy amongst key leaders to leverage COMET and Children's Institute for powerful community impact. An increasing number of key projects at Children’s Institute leverage COMET either to maintain current business or to expand into new areas.

Children’s Institute offers screening tools that can be completed on COMET to satisfy school entry screening requirements and much more. By using Children's Institute assessments with COMET, schools can gain information about individual students and the overall population of incoming students. And, if you are satisfied with your school’s current screening instruments but need assistance managing and using data, COMET could be the answer. Any instrument and screening tool can be uploaded, giving educators a centralized system of usable information to help children succeed.  Examples in COMET include: