Navigating a New (Temporary) Normal

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COVID-19 Stay Safe Stay Healthy

COMET 4 Children remains open and remotely operational for as long as this remains our new (temporary) normal.

Child-serving organizations all over the country are navigating new and challenging waters, both personally and professionally. Working at a distance is rarely easy and is only made harder when it's unexpected. Please know that we remain available to ALL OF YOU during this challenging time and will continue to help to ease you through this.

Many of our partners are schools working hard to maintain a curriculum and out-of-school-time organizations that are worried and doing everything they can to continue to assist their children (and their families) from a distance. You are not alone; we are here and will remain here for you. Please reach out and share the struggles you're having; perhaps there is something we can do to help that hasn't been thought of yet.

On a positive note, we would like to take a moment and share how we're staying sane while isolated.

Stay Safe Stay Healthy