Social Emotional Intelligence Is Essential To A Whole Child Health Approach

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Social Emotional Intelligence Is Essential To A Whole Child Health Approach

October is Emotional Wellness & Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month. We at COMET have noticed, and are celebrating, the increased awareness of the importance of social emotional learning (SEL) and the whole health of a child.

In support of these advancements we work with subject matter experts to maintain a library of instruments and assessments like the TCRS, DESSA, and SWYC, as well as, various answer sheets that assess social-emotional, social determinants, child development, and academic domains.

The COMET assessment library and our child-centric data system supplies organizations with the tools to assist them in their missions to improve the lives of children. Most recently COMET has started seeing successes in the Community Collaborative cross-domain initiatives with our partners that are including a SEL component to create healthier communities for future generations. 

Our non-profit partner, Children’s Institute is using play to asses SEL via their Primary Project program. Primary Project is a national evidence-based program that helps children in Pre-K through third grade adjust to school, gain confidence, social skills, and focus on learning. Through play, Primary Project addresses children’s school adjustment difficulties and increases their chances for success.

 “Having all the data, results from all the various screenings, in one place makes a tremendous difference” Kim Avery, Early Care and Education Specialist at Children’s Institute. After the initial SEL play assessment, results are recorded in the COMET system where each outcome has a defined action plan.

The GROW-Rochester Collaborative has included SEL assessments into their work prescreening three-year-olds. This initiative integrates comprehensive screenings to identify if there are any needs in hearing, vision, dental health, language and speech, cognitive and social emotional development with case/service management and referrals.

Emotional Wellness and Intelligence are essential to the success of a whole child health mission and we at COMET are looking forward to the amazing work that our partners are doing to ensure that children have the necessary knowledge and life-skills to be successful.

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